Lee and LouAnne Stearns

Deacon / Deaconess

Lee and LouAnne Stearns

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Lee and LouAnne serve as a great loving husband and wife deacon team at CLCC.
They are very active in the church and are always ready to lend a hand wherever
needed. They will be glad to pray for you and give you guidance through the Word of
God. And if you are into fishing, they would have a lot of fun sharing some great stories
with you. 

Lee and LouAnne love spending time with their family and with the CLCC family.
They go south to Texas for a few weeks each winter to enjoy their family and some
warm weather. 

Lee and LouAnne met as they served together in the military and fell in love , a love that
is very evident in their lives today. They would be delighted to meet you and share their
testimony with you.